Are You a Fitbit Surge or Charge HR User Who Has Experienced Inaccuracy With Your Device?

Are you a Fitbit Surge or Charge HR user who has noticed your device does not accurately record your heart rate? Two of Fitbit’s most recently introduced activity trackers may not work as promised. A recent lawsuit against Fitbit alleges that the Surge and Charge HR each fail to accurately monitor user’s heart rates. If you have noticed as much with your Fitbit Surge or Charge HR, we would like to hear from you about your experience. [Read more…]

Defective Nad’s Body Wax Strips Reported

 We are currently investigating potential claims on behalf of purchasers of Nad’s Body Wax Strips.  According to numerous consumer reports, certain users of Nad’s Body Wax Strips have experienced a failure of the product upon its application.  [Read more…]

Consumers Complain About the Samsung Galaxy S Phone

According to countless consumer complaints, Samsung’s Galaxy S cellular phones are plagued by a design defect that causes the devices to randomly shut down.  Consumers report that the Samsung Galaxy S phones known as the Captivate, the Fascinate, the Vibrant, and the Epic 4G each suffer from the random shut down. [Read more…]