Class Actions


A class action is a type of lawsuit usually filed on behalf of hundreds or thousands of individuals with similar claims and injury.  The class action procedure is authorized by law and recognized by courts because it allows for an efficient use of the legal system in that numerous similar claims may be heard at once.  Class actions are also an important mechanism for consumers, employees, and other groups of individuals who may otherwise be unable to pursue their legal rights due to the typical high costs of litigation.

A class action is filed by one or several plaintiffs on behalf of a proposed class of individuals who have similarly been harmed or injured by a defendant(s).  A proposed class action must be certified by the court in which it is filed.  Upon class action certification, individuals who are similarly harmed or injured are then eligible to be included as plaintiffs in the class action case.  Typically, notice of certification which explains to class members’ their eligibility and rights is sent to them upon class certification being granted by the court.


Consumer class action lawsuits may be appropriate for a variety of claims, including for example, computer defects, automobile part failures, or illegal fees or charges.  Employee class action lawsuits may be appropriate where employees have been denied overtime pay, meal breaks or rest periods, or reimbursement for mileage or other expenses.  Class action cases are filed on behalf of consumers or employees in a particular state or on a nationwide basis.

Creating strength in numbers, class action lawsuits allow employees and consumers to level the playing field by holding large companies accountable for their violations.  While expenses can exceed the amount of recovery for many individual claims, class action cases allow for a group of employees or consumers to pursue their claims in a cost effective, uniform manner.  Our firm handles class action lawsuits on a contingency basis so that clients are not responsible for fees or costs unless a recovery is attained.


Glynn Law Group represents thousands of clients in class action lawsuits in both federal and state courts filed in both California and throughout the country.   Our experience is derived through the representation of clients in a variety of class action cases, including for example, investors in some of the most high profile securities class action cases filed in the last decade, employees who have been denied full compensation to which they were entitled, and consumer purchasers of condominiums who did not receive certain amenities that were promised to them.  Glynn Law Group is dedicated to the vindication of class members’ rights.

At the law firm of Glynn Law Group, our experience  can help you pursue a potential class action claim. We represent thousands of consumers and employees in both California and nationwide in class action lawsuits.  If you have a potential class action claim, contact us for a free and confidential consultation.