Consumers Complain About the Samsung Galaxy S Phone

According to countless consumer complaints, Samsung’s Galaxy S cellular phones are plagued by a design defect that causes the devices to randomly shut down.  Consumers report that the Samsung Galaxy S phones known as the Captivate, the Fascinate, the Vibrant, and the Epic 4G each suffer from the random shut down.

When the random shut down defect occurs in the Galaxy S, the phone’s battery must be removed and reinserted before the phone can again be powered on for reuse.   According to consumer complaints, the phones shut down on a regular basis, forcing purchasers to repeat the same steps in order to continue to use the phones they purchased.   Many consumers report that they remove and reinsert their Galaxy S cellular phone battery several times a day.

Shortly after release of the Galaxy S last year, consumer complaints about random shut down of the phones ensued.  To date, Samsung has failed to offer a fix to consumers who purchased the Galaxy S phones.  Instead, the repeated random shut downs can cause users of the phone to suffer not only multiple daily inconveniences but also the potential loss of data.

Despite its awareness of the random shut down defect, Samsung has yet to provide purchasers a remedy to the problem.  Replacement Galaxy S phones have suffered from the same product defect.  Some purchasers have already experienced random shut down of several different Galaxy S cellular phones.  Although Samsung has been provided notice and an opportunity to cure the defect in its Galaxy S phones, the company has yet to offer consumers a remedy to correct the issue and make the phones operable.

Lawsuits have been filed against Samsung for breach of warranty and consumer fraud violations.  The lawsuits allege that Samsung knew about the Galaxy S cellular phone design defect, which causes the devices to shut down, but proceeded to sell the defective phones to unknowing consumers.  It is further alleged that Samsung instructed retailers to continue to sell its defective phones to consumers.

Consumers seek to vindicate their rights and hold Samsung accountable for concealing the defect, failing to take corrective action to fix the defect, and for knowingly selling the public the Galaxy S cellular phone that fails to perform as advertised.  If you purchased a Galaxy S cellular phone, have experienced the random shut down defect, and would like to discuss your potential legal rights, please contact us.