Consumers Report Samsung LED Television’s Fail to Display 3D as Advertised

Recent models of Samsung LED televisions have been marketed and advertised as capable of a high definition (“HD”), 1080 pixel, three-dimensional (“3D”) picture.  However, according to consumer reports, the Samsung 6000 series LED televisions are limited to a display of 540 pixels, or what is considered less than high definition, in 3D mode.  Consumers contend that even when the television’s input source is set to 1920 x 1080p, the maximum resolution that the television can display when showing 3D content is only 1920 x 540p.

In March 2012, a German consumer protection agency filed a lawsuit against Samsung for its 6000 series televisions’ failure to display 3D content in 1080p resolution, as was marketed and advertised.  As a result of the lawsuit, Samsung signed a cease and desist order in August 2012, in which it agreed not to advertise that certain television models are capable of display in 1920 x 1080p resolution while in 3D mode.  Thereafter, Samsung amended the marketing and packaging of some its LED televisions to reflect as much.  Based on reports of consumers here in the United States, however, purchasers of the LED 6000 series televisions continue to be dissatisfied with the discrepancy between Samsung’s representation of the television’s capabilities at the time of purchase and its actual performance.

We are currently investigating the representations made about the display capability of the Samsung 6000 series LED televisions.  LED televisions in the 6000 series include model numbers that begin with “UN” followed by the size of the television set (e.g. 46 inches), a letter (e.g. “D”), and a number (e.g.“6***”).  For example, the Samsung UN46D6400 is one model in the D6000 series, where the failure to display 3D content in high definition has been reported.  Please contact us through the contact form on this page or call us at 858-271-1100 if you purchased a Samsung LED television that does not possess the 3D display capabilities advertised when you purchased the television.

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