DMAA Update – Lawsuit Filed by User of Jack3d Supplement

As previously posted, products containing DMAA have recently been in the news due to the serious health risks that they may pose.  Manufacturers and sellers of these products may not have disclosed associated risks, and instead marketed the products as effective for weight loss and other health benefits.  On August 28, 2012, a consumer filed a class action in a California federal court against USPLabs, the maker of a DMAA product called Jack3d, for breach of warranty and other claims. 

Jack3d was advertised and marketed as a product that was scientifically reviewed in clinical studies, and proven to be safe and effective in providing weight loss and health benefits.  However, the lawsuit alleges that Jack3d is dangerous and ineffective. The DMAA ingredient in Jack3d is alleged to increase blood pressure and heart rate, and potentially lead to detrimental health conditions.

On April 27, 2012, the FDA issued warning letters to the makers of Jack3d and several other products containing DMAA.  The warning letters stated the FDA has received dozens of complaints from consumers about products containing DMAA, and reports of cardiac disorders, nervous system disorders, and even death.  Thereafter, several entities, including the United States Defense Department issued a ban on supplements containing DMAA.

GNC is also named as a defendant in the Jack3d lawsuit recently filed in federal court.  According to the lawsuit, in the last several years GNC has sold numerous products containing DMAA, including Jack3d.  Consumers who buy DMAA products in stores such as GNC may be enticed to purchase them as a result of the claims made on the labeling of the product.  For example, Jack3d states on its packaging that it is “university studied.”

If you or someone you know has purchased Jack3d or any other product containing DMAA, please complete the form below.  A consumer protection attorney will provide a confidential evaluation of whether you have a potential claim based on your purchase and use of Jack3d or any other product containing DMAA.

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