Does Your Activity Tracker Function as Promised?

Activity tracking devices have achieved unprecedented popularity amongst consumers in recent years. These devices, commonly conceived in the form of a bracelet, have taken the fitness world by storm, and are predicted to be responsible for $6 billion in revenue by 2018. The devices are marketed and advertised as capable of tracking quantifications such as steps taken and calories burned, and even non-active measurements related to user’s sleep.

Many consumers, however, have reported significant problems with some of the activity trackers they have purchased. For example, many consumers have posted complaints about the longevity, or useful life, of the Jawbone Up device. Specifically,  users of the Jawbone Up have experienced complete failure of the device after just a few months of use. Consumers report Jawbone has on occasion replaced the device only to provide yet another defective activity tracker which functions for just a few months as well.

Users of the Jawbone activity tracker have reported their experience with a device that does not have the useful life that consumers reasonably anticipated upon purchase. If you or someone you know purchased or has used a Jawbone activity tracker, which does not work as promised, please contact us to report your experience. You may have a claim for failure of your activity tracker to operate as marketed and advertised. 

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