FDA Issues Warning Letter Regarding Health Risks of DMAA product RegeneSlim

On the heels of warning letters issued to several companies which produce weight-loss supplements containing the controversial ingredient DMAA, earlier this week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made public yet another such warning letter directed to Regeneca Inc. The company sells a product called RegeneSlim, which is advertised and marketed as a weight loss supplement. Like the products identified in several prior FDA letters, RegeneSlim contains the recently maligned ingredient DMAA.

The FDA warning letter issued regarding RegeneSlim on August 28, 2012 cites the severe potential health risks associated with DMAA, including, among other effects, that it can cause blood vessels and arteries to narrow.  According to the FDA letters, this can in turn result in heart attack or even death.  Without knowledge of these risks, many consumers likely purchased DMAA supplements under the belief that such products were safe and free of such resulting serious health risks. However, according to the FDA, there is no evidence that DMAA supplements such as RegeneSlim, marketed to produce weight-loss, can be considered safe. RegeneSlim received notoriety last year concerning its weight loss effects when celebrity Taylor Armstrong discussed her use of the product.

The FDA letter issued to Regeneca requires the company to cease distribution of RegeneSlim. Regeneca will also be required to report steps taken in response to the warning letters regarding RegeneSlim. Products like RegeneSlim that contain DMAA have been in the news for several months now.  Much of the DMAA alarm spawned from the U.S. Army issuing a ban on the sale of DMAA products on its military bases. The World Anti-Doping Agency and several other regulatory entities have also banned DMAA in recent years.

If you or someone you know has purchased or used RegeneSlim, please contact us through the form below. Not only should consumers be aware of the potential health risks of DMAA products, but they should also be aware of their legal rights regarding the potential false advertising of such products. Please describe below for us your experience with RegeneSlim.

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