Are You a Fitbit Surge or Charge HR User Who Has Experienced Inaccuracy With Your Device?

Are you a Fitbit Surge or Charge HR user who has noticed your device does not accurately record your heart rate? Two of Fitbit’s most recently introduced activity trackers may not work as promised. A recent lawsuit against Fitbit alleges that the Surge and Charge HR each fail to accurately monitor user’s heart rates. If you have noticed as much with your Fitbit Surge or Charge HR, we would like to hear from you about your experience.

Fitbit introduced the Surge and Charge HR as fitness watches, which it also refers to as PurePulse trackers, capable of accurately tracking user heart rates. Fitbit has marketed this feature in its advertising for each of the fitness watches, with specific statements such as “Every Beat Counts” and “Know Your Heart.” However, users report the devices are unable to accurately record user heart rates during the physical activity for which Fitbit markets the products. Several of Fitbit purchasers recently filed a class action lawsuit in federal court alleging claims against the company for misrepresentations made about the Surge and Charge HR.

Purchasers have also reported other issues with the Fitbit Surge and Charge HR devices. Some users have received unwanted or unknown emails and text messages on their devices. In addition to the failure to accurately record heart rates, other users report that their Fitbit activity trackers do not accurately record fitness activities such as rowing or cycling where the user’s arms are not moving.

If you purchased a Fitbit Surge or Charge HR and have experienced any of these or other issues with your device, we would like to hear from you. You may have claims against Fitbit for its failure to provide products capable of the representations made about those products. Glynn Law Group represents purchasers of failed activity trackers and is interested in hearing about your experience.

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