Anthem Data Breach – Has Your Personal or Financial Information Been Compromised?

San Diego, CA – On February 4, 2015, national health insurer Anthem, Inc. d/b/a Anthem Health, Inc. and The Anthem Companies, Inc. (collectively, “Anthem”) first disclosed its computer systems had been hacked. Anthem stated it was continuing to investigate the scope of the data breach, but indicated that between December 10, 2014 and January 27, 2015, hackers breached a database containing 80 million records of current and former customers and employees. The information reported to be hacked included social security numbers, member identification numbers, names, addresses, birth dates, email addresses, employment information and income data.

This is not the first time Anthem has experienced data breaches. In 2007, Anthem, then known as Wellpoint, lost social security numbers, names and other data of 196,000 customers. And, in 2010, an Anthem/Wellpoint security breach resulted in public access to over 616,000 customers’ records. The recently reported data breach may be much worse based on the sheer number of records affected, as well as the nature of the sensitive information compromised. Breaches often lead to hackers not only selling customer data on the black market, but also using data to set up fraudulent credit card and other financial accounts in the victims’ names.

Anthem did not disclose the recent data breach until at least several days after it occurred. Moreover, immediate notice was not provided directly to some, if not all, persons members affected by the recent breach. The failure to provide immediate notice of this type of breaches can lead to further harm to those whose information has been compromised. Financial and personal information can be sold on the black market after a data breach. Thousands if not millions of Anthem subscribers in California, including here in San Diego, have been affected.

Anthem markets and sells health insurance directly to millions of consumers through its websites and Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands. Glynn Law Group along with co-counsel recently filed a lawsuit against Anthem in federal court for the Southern District of California in San Diego. If you are or were a Blue Shield or Blue Cross insured and believe your personal or financial information may have been compromised in the recent Anthem data breach, please contact us 858-271-1100 to find out about your legal rights.

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